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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Front Page is the root of all evil?

Which means that Front Page squared is equal to 'all evil' - and it sounds about right. Don't ask me to prove this though, cause I don't remember how to do proofs anymore hehe

Anyways, people who user Font Page should be shot... I inherited a Dept website which is both poorly designed, and poorly coded. And since all the desing elements are coded directly in the html, to chage the design I need to make changes on all the pages! Gah!

Font tags should be outlawed! And FP loooves to abuse them - sometimes it just sticks them in at random here and there. I keep finding redundant unnecessary nbsp characters enclosed in even more redundant unnecessary font tags all over the code! Horrible!

So I'm thinking about cooking up a little perl script which would wipe out all the font tags from these html files forever (since I'm moving all this stuff to css anyway). I found this quick rgexp refresher just for that occasion :)


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