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Friday, July 01, 2005

Sprinkler Retards!

Here is a picture I took near the place I work. Note the way the sprinkler system is set up. If you look closely you can see that the jet of watter overshoots the sidewalk, the little strip of grass and shoots directly at the passing cars...

This sprinkler system was actually set to spin around. In effect it creates a kill zone all around it where everything will get wet. You can see the extent of this area outlined by the water on the sidewalk and the street. And just to make the life of pedestrians easier it is set to the freakin fast setting. So if you are walking, you are in for an arcade style action puzzle :P

Basically, you need to wait for the right time and then attempt a mad dash for the safety zone on the other side. If you time it wrong, you will get hosed as the thing swings back at you!

Ah... I can finally put that experience gained in the countless hours of playing SNES games to a good use in real life :)


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