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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Crocodiles Cure HIV?

Australian scientists discovered that Crocodiles immune system is able to effortlessly kill HIV virus (via Slashdot). It was previously known that crocodile antibodies are also able to fight off bacteria immune to penicillin. This seem like it could be big breakthrough in the HIV cure research.

Wow... This means being a Crocodile Hunter could actually qualify as a purposeful, legitimate job.

Unfortunately it is very likely that we will never see a commercial product coming out of this research. Pharmaceutical companies are making way to much money selling their patented HIV drugs right now. If someone would come up with a working, and potent cure they would be quickly running out of business. If the crocodile serum really turns out to be the shit, expect it to be sabotaged, discredited, sued, and then ultimately held up in FDA for years.

All thanks to "Intellectual Property" laws. I'll be keeping my eye out for news on this research, but I expect it to be hushed up and/or extinguished as soon as they produce some interesting results.


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