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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ciphertext from Hell

Allright... This thing is starting to piss me off. Any clue what cipher was used to encrypt this? I've been poking at it since Saturday evening and I have very little to show :(

ptgpz ggprf bdkrg pequt tngtf ggpzf
zfqgp tukrw wkzfg kquyd qxwzu ltuet
zfrfl ptgpz ggprf bdkrg pequt dhmgw
tgokr wwdtt bxqug tuedq xequt fraty
rdaur erfzg rqfot gjzfr gorfa wrftd
hdgqx rfyxz hwqdz fokpt utuzg ptugp
zfrfq hudtw jtdpt gpzgu tzydz fyluq
kdfqk rdtud hdcta gdfqg prdqk fytxr
artfa omhga qecwz rfdqx pzuyk quydz
fyqmd ahutd tfgtf atdzf yzdbd kpomq
qbdzu tkurg gtfkp rapaz ffqgm thfyt
udgqq y

I know two things - it is a substitution cipher but not a ceasar cipher. How do I know? Because I already did a brute force caesar check on it and I got nothing but gibberish. So back to letter frequency dance... I really want to decrypt that crap now!

But it will have to wait a bit. I need to start studying for my exam on Wed...


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