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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The sheer stupidity, and cluelessnes of our lawmakers is unbareable at times. Sometimes I just want to cry when I look at how our freedoms are taken away one by one, trampled and thrown away by corrupted idiots in the goverment... But every once in a while someone out there comes up with something good. The bill to ammend DMCA proposed by Rep. Rick Boucher, proves that there are still few politicians out there who have a functional brain and common sense!

It's about time we stop all this copyright craziness. We really need to reafirm the importance of the fair use before it gets wiped from the copyright law for good by RIAA and similar organizations, and we get locked in by evil DRM's and such.

Copyright and patents have their uses but they can easily retard progress and innovation if they are applied to often, and to rigorously. I really hope this bill will pass, and that there will be more such legislation comming in the future.


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