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Monday, July 25, 2005

Massive Multiplayer Advertising?

You know, I never really got into that whole Massive Multiplayer Online thing. I don't have the bandwidth for it (ag... dialup! I hate dialup!). Besides, I do not like the idea of paying a monthly fee for a game on top of the $50 price tag. I'm a casual player so I'd rather buy a single player offline game for the same price, and enjoy it without some monthly commitment.

It seems that there is one more reason not to start playing multiplayer online games:

For the past few weeks, Massive Inc., a New York company that distributes ads in videogames, has been testing an ad with full motion and sound in a science-fiction game called Anarchy Online. Today, Massive will roll out the full-motion ad capability to advertisers generally.

Great! So now they will put adds in games? No thank you. I'll just stay with my single player/lan games without annoying advertising. Massive Inc. can kiss my shiny metal arse - I'm not gonna buy any games from them!


  • At Sat Jan 14, 11:34:00 PM, Blogger Daniel said…

    Definitely. Paying for a game and then for advertising certainly is an inconvenience. I actually ran an article on this topic recently that you might find interesting.



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