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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Windows user complains about OS X usability.

I don't own an apple, and I don't use OS X. I have seen it in action couple of times, and played around with it for maybe few hours in total. I'm primarily a Linux and Windows user. I use WinXP for play, and Debian for any serious work.

OS X is often used as an example of how things can be done right with respect to GUI design, usability and eyecandy. So I was naturally interested when I saw this headline: What could OS X learn from Windows on digg.

I was disappointed. The list is plain stupid. I don't use OS X, and I'm far from being an apple zealot. Yet I don't think these things are at all relevant or important:

  1. Um... Why exactly should mac adopt windows style CTRL+C, CTRL+V shortcuts? WTF? Dude, it's not like this is black magic! First time I used a Mac this was confusing. But after 10 minutes of working in Mac OS I got used to it. You are retarded! Geez... I wonder what would you do if I gave you a unix keyboard with the CTRL in the "wrong" spot. But yes. I think it is a great idea to have the whole user base to re-learn all keyboard shortcuts so that some windoze idiot is not confused. Not!
  2. You actually use a save button on toolbar? You actually take your hand off the keyboard, and click a button? Seriously? Wow... I guess you do have a problem remembering them keyboard shortcuts on a Mac...
  3. Go to the store, buy a new mouse. It's that easy. Geez!
  4. I don't use OS X enough to be familiar with this problem, but I would bet that there is a filter option somewhere. You are just to dumb to apply it! I mean my KDE does it! I can apply filters to a file dialog in Java... If OS X does not have that, I guess they do have a problem here.
  5. I guess that one makes sense - if that's not yet another user problem. Again, my KDE does it. Java does it. I can't imagine why OS X would not do it, if you wanted it to.
  6. Not sure what you mean here...
So there you have it. Only 2 out of 6 entries make any sense - if they are real problems. And I'm not even a mac user.

Sigh.. And I thought I will see some insightfully usability related article. What I got was a whiny rant of a casual windows user (definitely not a power user) who does not like the way OS X does things.


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