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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google goes Jabber

Well... I was wrong. Earlier today I said that I'm not entirely convinced that Google will be releasing an IM service. It turns out that THEY INDEED ARE launching Jabber based service tomorrow. Several places confirm it. This guy figured it out, then posted it on digg and slashdot.

I can confirm this works - I'm logged in right now with gaim, and I just IM'd the guy who found it. Everything works! Unfortunately I do not know anyone who uses Jabber so I can't really test it out :(

Update (1:29am 8/24/05):

After being idle for 20 minutes or so, I got disconnected. I was trying to reconnect at various times this evening. So far, no luck. I get a 405 error every time I try to login. Very strange...

Oh well... I guess we just have to wait for the big annoucement tomo... er... Today.

Actually, never mind: it's already here! Of course the client is windows only...


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