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Friday, September 16, 2005

God! Why people don't mak their emails NSFW!

A former co-worker just sent me an email with a picture of some extensive boobage. I normally wouldn't mind, but I'm at work right now. My cube is huddled in the corner opposite the little printing station (which has the 2 company printers and fax machine). Pretty much anyone walking down the hallway, picking up papers from the printers or sending a fax has a perfect view of my screen.

So I'm sitting here, I pull up my Gmail and see the email from this guy. I open it, and it says something like "hey, take a look at these -- scroll down ---". Now this should have tipped me off right away but I did scroll down anyway... What do I see on the screen? Boobs! Agh! Panic! Panic! Abort! Abort! Scroll away, scroll away! Aaaa!

Fortunately no one was at the printers, but geez!

A simple NSFW or at least "do not open this at work" (for acronym impaired people) disclaimer would really be a helpful hint here. I'm amazed how many people do not understand this.


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