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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pictures found on teh Internets

Allright, I was bored... Since I have nothing good to say here are some pictures found on the web that cracked me up:

Funniest exchange Evar!

Was this guy in one of my 109 classes? I do not recognize the face, but the way he handles his computer... Must be a 109 student!


I'm usually not into crossplay, furries and this type of bullshit but these sailor moon chicks somehow seem kinda cute despite looking absolutely retarded in the anime outfits:

Crossplay Chicks

You see, when GWB was learning geonomography they drew him this map so that he wouldn't get confused:

World According to Dubya

This one is priceless - it makes me chuckle just looking at it:

Yes, God - Please!

This is how you can get your mom to use Linux:

Linux in a Supermarket!

I found these in random places - most at nata2.info, but the site claimed they are all public domain shots.


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