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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Googling for Grace Park

Grace Park kissing a Girl :)
Every once in a while, I visit fubar - mainly because Justin likes to post pictures of Jessica Alba, Kristin Kreuk, Scarlett Johanson and Grace Park (even though he claims to hate all of them except Scarlett :P). Anyways, recently he posted about Grace Park and Kristin Kreuk starring together on some Canadian tv show, where they have some lesbian thing going on.

Naturally I decided to do some googling to see if I can find more pictures. Didn't find anything interesting from that show - but I did find a very interesting captures from Romeo Must Die. I didn't know she was in that movie, but the screen captures look hot. She is only credited as "Asian Dancer" so I assume that she is only on screen for few seconds :P

I actually pulled this composite screen capture from google cache - the actual website seems to be down. If anyone has high-res versions of these, please let me know :)

Here are some other shots of the same scene. Again, not hi-res.


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