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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bush is a thief by RIAA standards

Apparently, president Bush has illegally ripped mp3's on his ipod.

President Bush's iPod contains songs by the Beatles; since no Beatles songs have been licensed for the iTunes Music Store yet, these must have come from ripped CDs. Remember last February, when the RIAA told a federal agency that ripping CDs is illegal?

Now, if you recall your lessons of RIAA doublespeak "copyright infringement" == theft. So in other words, Bush is a no good, stinking thief. No better than all the other nasty "pirates" that were sued for file sharing.

Sigh... How can our government enforce the copyright law, if even the president can't figure it out and commits blatant infringement on a daily basis?


  • At Wed Apr 19, 01:30:00 AM, Anonymous ZeWrestler said…

    you can't expect the president of the united states of america to follow the law.

    i would like to see a lawsuit slapped against him.


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