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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ghostly Farts in the Shell

I was sitting here, at my computer doing some stuff and Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex was playing in the background. My brother was in the same room playing some game. All of a sudden, he started asking me if I heard farting noises. I told him that he is hearing things. :P

But then I also started hearing them. We started looking around the room and we finally realized that the noises are coming from the TV. But why on earth would there be farting noises on Ghost in the Shell? I started paying attention to the show, and whenever someone bent over or made a silly face there was an audible fart effect. WTF?

For few minutes we were watching this, and we could not believe that this was going on. Then I looked at the calendar, and I realized that it was April Fools :P Way to go [adult-swim]! LOL I completely forgot about April Fools!

As a side note, if I knew what was going on, I would play along and keep telling my brother that he is hearing shit. For a minute there he was actually thinking that he was loosing his mind. hehe

This went till the end of the episode. They also kept farting throughout Fullmetal Alchemist. I found it amusing at first, then absolutely hilarious, then annoying, then hilarious again. Finally, it just got plain old boring. I think they stopped it at midnight or something...

They also aired a Chuck Norris and Mr. T cartoons. LOL


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