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Monday, July 25, 2005

Wood Elves

The new White Dwarf just came in the mail. They are featuring a preview for the new Wood Elf range, and I must say they have some impressive miniatures there.

Look at the Wood Elf Noble shown on the pic to the left. That must be one of the coolest elf characters available in the GW range. I want that miniature!

On the other hand the Highborn on that same pic looks mighty retarded with these horns on his helmet. Ugh... What were they thinking? I would so use the Noble miniature as my Highborn! That mini is so cool, I'm actually thinking about getting it and converting into a Dark Elf character :P

Speaking of horns - this guy on the right makes horns look good! One of the best elf mage characters ever! I actually want to start collecting this army just for these two models! But then again, I'm broke and I don't have time to paint anymore :P My Dwarfs need a complete overhaul, and my nonexistent Dark Elf army needs more models. Eh... Not even mentioning my would be Eldar army... I just don't have money and time for these things anymore.

But that doesn't stop me from getting excited about the new minis. Btw - if you have seen these like last year on some tournament or GW event pictures, then good for you. I'm really out of the loop so this is news for me.


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