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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Inuyasha Fighting Game!

Oh crap! I want this game! Why is this only for PS2? I do not own a PS2! Crap! Should I buy one now? With PS3 coming soon is there even a point? Oh well...

Well, either way this game look very cool! When I first saw the screenshots, I thought they are using the Capcom style tag team combat. But after reading the article on gamespy it seems that the second character is not directly controlled. Instead you can set specific behaviors before the fight.

In my opinion the tag team combat is more fun, but oh well. I'd play this game anyway. I can't wait to do Iron Reaver Soul Stealer move, or unleash a Wind Scar on my opponents. Oh, wait... I need to get PS2 before that... Crap!

image courtesy gamespy.com


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