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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thesis Trouble

I just found out that my Thesis adviser is quitting his job and moving on to do bigger and better things outside the academia. This essentially means that I have wasted most of this summer doing research that will not result in a thesis. There is to much work to be done, and I do not feel confident enough to work on my own without any support on this. So the whole thing up in the air right now...

I will basically be going back to the drawing board in the fall. The sucky part is that the professor I worked with was possibly the coolest person in this department. We really got along great. I could just pop into his office any time to have a chat about why Microsoft sux, or how clueless the 109 students are. I actually enjoyed working with him on this project.

Now I have to scrap all my work, and look for someone else that is not clueless and that I would get along with. Sigh... That is, if I find someone to take me in. Otherwise I'll have to take the comps :(

This sucks!


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