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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Vanishing Bill of Rights Mug

Vanishing Bill of Rights Mugs
Wow! I want one of these mugs! They are awesome! You pour hot water (or coffe) in them and you can watch the bill of rights vanish right before your eyes. Kinda like what is happening right now with the real bill...

I found this on boingboing, but you can buy one of them here.

One thing about this makes me thing though. There was another story at BoingBoing today about a kid who'se anti-Bush poster was confiscated by sectet service. So, does drinking coffe from a mug like this one makes a terrorist out of you? Just to be clear on this, we just saw that the answer is "hell yeah" in the eyes of Bush administration. So if you use one of these at work, please don't be surprised if the Thought Police visits you one day asking all kinds of questions...


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