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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Who reads EULAs?

How do you read your EULA?
I found the new slashdot poll amusing. I'm including the screenshot showing the state of the poll when I saw it first. I think this poll illustrates how most people look at these things. Most slashdoters admited to immidiately agreeing to these things. And if you think about it - slashdoters represent the more tehnologically competent crowd (note that I didn't say intelligent, because that's debatable ;P). So if the techies click "I Agree" without reading most of the time, think about what the average technophobe does...

I admit I do the same. More often than not I click agree, and move on. From time to time I quickly skim through the thing, but I do not have time to actually read the whole 50+ page agreement. I usually try to glance at the privacy section to make sure I'm not installing spyware, and that this software will not give away my email to spammers.

Speaking of EULA's, I remember that there was a girl in my high school who'se name was actually Eula (yes, it was actually spelled with an E, not a Y like in that user friendly episode). I think she was in some of my classes, and I always found it amusing when people called her by name. I think it was short for something. Or maybe not... I don't remember.

How do you read your EULA?


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