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Monday, October 31, 2005

Nmap madness at MSU continues...

Well, it seems that the two machines in the GA office were employed in some extensive port scanning. In fact, they managed to DoS the mailserver so the IT took them off the network. Brilliant! At least I know that I didn't really show how to do a wide range scan to anyone - so I can't feel guilty about this.

And I know that my scans did not DoS the mailserver because I did them two weeks ago, and no one complained. I finally got to sift through the nmap logs today, and I have found bunch of goodies. I won't post anything here for security reasons, but believe me - there are some interesting things out there.

For example, the network printers are just ripe for abuse. Some of them are running their own web servers which host web-based management tools. I was able to access some of these control panels without any authorization. In fact, in most cases I could change any settings I wanted, including the IP of the printer and the default gateway. Scarry! There has to be a way to lock these things down somehow!

Also here is a fun exercise for you - freddie has echo service running on port 7. How do we utilize that to perform a DoS attack? This thing seriously freaks me out.

And could someone please do something about that goddamn open relay on pegasus? Are you people asking for fucking trouble? I'm just waiting for some idiot to get his hands on that smtp server. Open LDAP + open relay SMTP server is a very, very dangerous combination. We will one day drown in spam! Sigh...


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