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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fullmetal Southparked

South Parked Fullmetal Alchemist Characters! Courtesy Medaverse Forums
I found this picture while aimlessly browsing around! I think every character will eventually end up South Parked. This reminds me of FarPark. That guy used to post his initial character designs at ultimate. Sigh... I miss that place sometimes.

Anyways, back to fullmetal. WTF happened to Dante? Did she somehow take over the girls body? Did she make a body swap using the girls soul as sacrifice? But wouldn't that mean that another Haemonculi would be popping up somewhere?

What was the point of making Greed puke out the stones? I guess that made him weaker for the fight with Ed... This is probably why he could not regenerate. But what happened there? And what was in the bag? Whatever it was, it was linked to Greed somehow. Very strange...

Something was bothering me for a while though. In one episode, Envy said something about Ed's father. Did she knew him? Who is he? Did you notice how in the intro, the father's face is always hidden by the light glare? What does this mean?


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