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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Secret Santa Sux

What is up with that secret santa bullshit? Who came up with this? I hate these things. Sure, you can always ask to be excluded but when you don't participate, you look like an ass. When you do, you end up having to buy some stupid gift for a person that you don't really know that well. What do you buy? Somehow I think booze is not an acceptable gift here, but that's the only thing I can think off at the moment.

Seriously, have you ever got anything cool from a co-worker in a randomized secret santa thing? You usually get shit. I have no clue what to get...

I'm thinking to go with the ultimate lame-ass gift - a gift certificate. But where from? I need to do some intelligence work at the workplace and scope out some store she likes or something like that.

I hate secret santa bullshit. Why can't we just wish each other happy holidays, and go home? Sigh... Christmas cheer pisses me off :P


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