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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Time.gov fears DDOS during Daylight Savings switch?

time.gov ph34rz DDOS
I don't trust any clocks today. This is what happens when some of your clocks roll over to daylight savings automatically, and some do not. My alarm clock didn't, but my cell phone, laptop, desktop and VCR did. So today whenever check the time, I wonder if this particular clock rolls over automatically or not.

So just to be sure I popped over to time.gov, and this is what I saw (see the screenshot). Apparently, they disable the usual animated clock on the switch days fearing a massive DDOS from time confused citizenry :P This is gay. Hire a better sysadmin people - preferably one that knows a little bit about load balancing, and high traffic management. And if that's not enough, beef up your server for god's sake!

It is a damn shame to see a very popular and useful governmental site removing features during high-traffic days. It kindoff indicates a piss-poor hardware and/or maintenance. This means that theoretically time.gov could be slashdoted, farked or simply DDOS'ed by some script kiddie. And this is just ridiculous. It makes you wonder where your taxes are going...


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