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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Classic Games

Yesterday I was bored so digged out Scummvm and decided to play some classics :) So after realizing that I never finished it I digged out Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge. I think I grabbed it around the same time I got Secret of Monkey Island, Sam & Max and Day of the Tentacle and proceeded to play them through back to back :P Needless to say, after this marathon I didn't even want to see another point & click adventure for a little while. See - this was right after I discovered Scummvm and I was really eager to test it out on some games that I missed out on.

Yeah, strangely enough I never played any of these titles when they came out. As my excuse I can say that back then my taste for games was just developing. I would bassically play anything that my friend would bring get from his various sources.

Anyways, since we would get random titles most of the time, we would usually end up with mixture of wierd shit - some of which we loved, some of which we hated. For some reason Lucas Arts games were never really big in our circles - andI did not seek them out speciffically. When I got Scummvm I could finally catch up.

So yesterday found that I can enjoy this type of games again :) See the screenshot to the right. BTW - I love how Scummvm can work in a windowed mode. This way I can browse the web, check my email, and do other stuff without having to shut the game down. Now I know that most of the games can be escaped with window-key, but that's not the same. And I have found that some games are not nice about memory management - and window keying is a sure way to crash the game, or even bring down your system. :/

If you have downloaded Scummvm and are wondering how to get your hands on these classics, here are some of my del.icio.us links. Happy hunting! :)


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