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Friday, July 15, 2005

Mandy Amano

So I finally located that 30 second Pepsi commercial clip that features the infamous Mandy Amano aka Pepsi Girl. Somehow this chick who had a 5 second spot in the superbowl ad, became an instant net celebrity. Justin from fubar has even a blog dedicated entirely to her.

I must have missed that commercial when it originally aired so figured that I need to see what is all about. I found the clip on her official website - which is not much. It's basically 1 page with contact info, and a flash picture slide show.

I saw the vid few minutes ago, and I have to say - yeah, that little jiggle she does is kindoff hot. I wouldn't say it's "I will make a stalker blog" hot, but cute nevertheless. She also looks good on some of the pics on her site.

So I guess I can kindoff see how her net fame started now.


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