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Friday, July 22, 2005

Windows "Chicken"?

As you may already know, Microsoft announced the official name for Longhorn. They decided to call it Windows Vista. There is nothing wrong with that name in itself. It's just that... Well, it translates funny...

You see, in Lithuanian the word višta means chicken. Check it for yourself using this online English-Lithuanian dictionary. If you live in Lithuania, you are in for a treat. What would you do if you saw a"Windows Chicken" billboard on your way to work one day? I think I would piss myself :P

Can you imagine Lithuanian tech support in 2006? "Sir, you will need to reboot the chicken!" hehe

So it's official. I refuse to call the new release anything but "Windows Chicken" (chickendows?). I'm going to sell this to as many people I can. Le's see if it catches on!

So... Why did the (windows) chicken cross the road?


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