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Monday, August 01, 2005

Nice Titles

You might have noticed the nice hover boxes over the links on this page. I used the Nice Titles script to achieve this effect. As you might noticed not all links have this hover action enabled. Why? As the name suggests this scrip makes hover boxes only for "title" attribute of the "a" tag.

Since I do not have title attribute on all of my links (especially these in the body of blog posts) they do not have the mouse hover effect. Same goes for the technorati tag links. The greasemonkey script that I use to attach them to the posts does not include title attribute by default. I'm thinking about updating it but I'm not sure if an altered tag will get spidered by the technorati properly.

I'll look in their documentation, and if I don't find anything saying otherwise I will post an updated version of this script. Meanwhile enjoy the nice boxes :P


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