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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Statistical probability of finding the right girl

This guy has done all the math so that we don't have to. Crap. It doesn't look all that good:

It is here, at a pool of 18 726 acceptable females, that we end our statistical analysis. At first glance, a datable population of 18 726 may not seem like such a low number, but consider this: assuming I were to go on a blind date with a new girl about my age every week, I would have to date for 3493 weeks before I found one of the 18 726. That's very nearly 67 years. As a North American male born in the late 1970s, my life expectancy is probably little more than 70 years, so we can safely say that I will be quite dead before I find the proverbial girl of my dreams. Come to think of it, she'll probably be dead too.

But still, it beats the chances of buying a winning lottery ticket. And I guess that's something. Cause I never won shit on the lottery...

BTW, I know that this thing is ancient, but someone just posted it on meta yesterday , and I found it really amusing. Especially the letter he got from some grammatically challenged woman - it is priceless!


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