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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pegasus is up again!

For several weeks now, our school login server has been down. Since most of my projects, my webpage and allot of backup stuff is located somewhere in the confusing NFS file system of the MSU CS dept setup, I was lost. What's worse - pegasus was also the login server, and a gateway to other systems on the network. To get to some of the school machines I had to establish an ssh tunnel through the good old peg. But ever since a bad university wire blackout, the machine was down. It had several hardware failures when the power went down, and it never came back up.

Fortunately I found a way to tunnel my traffic through another school machine that had port 22 open and no packet filtering. But this was not the nicest thing to do...

But they finally brought it back up. Wohooo! I can do stuff again! I seriously felt crippled without a remote shell account! God, I need to set up a nice linux server with decent upstream bandwidth somewhere before I graduate - or I'll go insane once they cut me off from pegasus for good...


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