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Friday, October 07, 2005

So much for getting shit done early...

I was planning to at least get one of the assignments done today, but instead I opted to bullshit away several hours online. On the other hand these were semi-productive as we were kinda working on the stupid cipher. Can you believe it? I'm still stuck on this. If anyone in the class gets it I will be pissed.

So I did find couple more interesting links that I can include in my report outlining the failure to accomplish anything with that cipher. And I learned how to quickly convert text to uppercase in perl:

$line =~ tr/a-z/A-Z/;
print $line;

Image processing is still untouched. Perl is still untouched. And I have Robila papers that I need to read. I really need to get it together and start working on that crap. I do need that thesis! Screw the comps!

Sigh... If I could only get paid for procastinating. I would be filthy rich!

I noticed something else today. Apparently folksonomy is not as hot as I previously thought. Ben had no clue about technorati, flikr or del.icio.us - but I allways considered him a technologically cluefull person. Hmmm... I guess the fascination with these things comes with the territory. Bloggers tend to be all about folksonomy - general, non-blogging netcitizenery - not so much. Oh well...


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