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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The emails I get...

Here is another one from my mailbox:

PINE 4.63 MESSAGE TEXT Folder: INBOX Message 226 of 226 TOP

Date: 10/18/2005 3:53:34 AM
From: HotNews_78@playboy.com
To: [my email removed]
Subject: Mike Tyson & Jenna Jameson's Movie
1 Shown 19 lines Text (charset: windows-1252)
2 34 KB Application

Dear Movie Lover,

Mike Tyson is reportedly set to star in a porn film - with Jenna Jameson.
The former boxing World Heavyweight Champion claims he is desperate for cash, after
hit with a tax bill for several million dollars, and a porn career is a tempting offer.

The disgraced pugilist, who retired from boxing last month, was approached by Jenna's
to star as her partner in the X-rated movie.

This email provides you a sample picture of their romantic action ("Sample

Please enjoy it !


PlayBoy News

[ Part 2, Application/X-ZIP-COMPRESSED 45KB. ]
[START of message]
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O OTHER CMDS > ViewAttch N NextMsg Spc NextPage U Undelete F Forward

Golly, gee, whiz - I wonder if they really attached a picture in the zip file? Shigh... This wouldn't be so funny if freddie wasn't a Solaris box. I'm actually tempted to open that zip file and run some analysis on it. I wonder what kind of shit these guys are pushing with this...

And yet, some people still fall for these....


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