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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Make a Superhero

My Superhero called Character Name. Make your own at Heromachine
Stumbleupon is such a nifty extension. I'm not a really active in the stumble community - but I keep it around for the random stumblage joy. Every once in a while I hit that stumble button and see what pops up. And sometimes I find really cool, amusing or funny stuff.

Today I found a superhero generator. Here is mine :) I still haven't figured out what to name him. He looks kinda cool though. I think this little thing could come very useful in generating nice character pictures you can paste into your character sheet.

I remember spending countless hours looking for a picture I could use for my levitating mind-bending psyker character for some very obscure, out of print GURPS universe. I don't even know what it was called - out GM just distributed a xerox copy of 20 something pages for background reference. I bet that the name of the game was there somewhere but it eludes me right now. Anyways, I ended up using a pic of some obscure Marvel character (whose name also eludes me right now). I soo could have used this app back then :)

Anyways, try it yourself here.


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