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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mame Madness

Street Fighter Alpha 3 - I'm Playing as Sakura (and getting my ass kicked ;P )
I wasted a whole day today playing capcom games on the MAME arcade emulator. Geez... I was supposed to be doing schoolwork. Why do I do this to myself?

It's just that these games are so mindlessly entertaining. I'm reliving my childhood, and early college years. I still kill at X-Men vs Street fighter. I beat the whole game with Ryu & Ken on Normal with only 1 continue :)

I also fell in love in Street Fighter Alpha 3 which I actually never played on an arcade. It's an awesome game. On the pic you can see me playing as Sakura - a chick Shotokan fighter! I really like her - all the speed and agility of Chun-Li, and all the cool moves. She has couple hadouken moves (small, big-but-low-range, super, etc..) a a vicious variation of shoryuken and a downgraded spinning kick. Fun!

Anyways, tomorrow I'm really getting back to schoolwork. No more games. Remind me of that!


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