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Friday, November 25, 2005

Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat

Screen Shot of this Awesome Animated Flash!
This must be the coolest flash animation I have seen in a while. It is beautifully choreographed and animated! Rayden and Ken really look like they are fighting each other - along with blocking, dodging and etc. Amazing!

Watching this made me want to play a Street Fighter game again. They used to have a X-Men vs. Street Fighter machine down in the Rat at some point. I used to spend all my loose quarters on that thing. I was pretty decent. I could beat the game in one go without any problems and I could fend off random newbie challengers. Of course there were some guys out there who could beat me without even breaking a sweat. I could never master those damn 20 hit combos, and hard core stuff like that.

I'm still not sure why did they pull the games out of school. Sigh... I miss it.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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