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Monday, November 21, 2005


Here are the projects I'm currently working on:
  • Hyperspectral Imaging application for my Thesis work (Java)
  • Wireless Imaging project form my Imaging class (.NET)
  • Embedding Kareoke style lyrics into mp3's using Stego for security class (Java)
  • Some moderately difficult perl assignment I didn't even look at yet (Perl)
  • Secure file drop box for work (php + MYSQL + SSL)

None of these is anywhere near completion. All must be done by the end of semester. Actually the last one needs to be done by tomorrow but that's just not happening :P I think it's about time to stop goofing off and start to seriously work on this shit...

Sigh... Someone please remind me why did I take 12 credits this semester. And can you please smack me upside the head next time I get a dumb idea like this?

All I need now is some interesting project to code in Python and my brain will explode. I really want to code something in serious Python or Ruby to gain some experience in these languages, but that is physically impossible at this point. Personal projects must wait till the holiday break :P


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